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Now it’s easier than ever to compare offers on Whether you prioritize price or timing, we’ve prepared the top offers for you.

Three Sorting Methods

We offer three sorting methods that are sure to meet your needs as you compare offers. Use the buttons below to learn about how offers in each category are sorted and ranked.

Sorting by best offer

With the help of our forwarders, we’ve taken into account all of the variables that matter to them and weighted them accordingly.

While price and arrival time have the most influence on the sorting, at 60% and 25% respectively, we’ve also accounted for the duration, number of stops and product type of each offer, all at 5% each.

Sorting by cheapest offer

We sort all of your offers first by price. For offers that are the same price, we've additionally sorted them by arrival time, duration and number of stops.

Sorting by earliest arrival time

We sort all of your offers first by arrival time. For offers that happen to have the same arrival time, we've additionally sorted them by price, duration and number of stops.

Dynamic Labelling

Within each sorting, we’ve introduced labels so that you can still easily identify which offers are at the top of each category. These labels are automatically applied, even when filtering offers.

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