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Meet our latest cargonauts from the industry

August 29, 2022

It’s always an exciting time to welcome new talent aboard, especially when key industry players are attracted to join us on a mission to empower the transformation of the entire airfreight industry. 

Recently, 7 Cargonauts from the air cargo industry have joined the team. Many of these new faces have seen in the real world and experienced first-hand the impact it can have. Others have sat deep in the industry for many years, searching and waiting for transformational technology to arrive. Today, each one is committed to and ready to make real change happen and sees as the industry's opportunity for change, growth, and success. 

“I would call an opportunity box for the industry.”
Bernardo Nunes
“I’m excited to have an opportunity to introduce to the market a digital platform that I truly believe in, and that can move our industry forwards. That’s why I’m excited.” 
Adam Cooper 
“Growth, growth, growth.”
Antonia Ambrozy

Let’s welcome the new Cargonauts
Meet Bernardo, Antonia & Adam

From left to right: Bernardo Nunes, Enterprise Account Director, EMEA. Antonia Ambrozy, Head of Sales Excellence. Adam Cooper, General Manager, North America.

Bernardo and Antonia bring a unique experience to the team, coming from partner organizations. 

Interestingly, Bernardo was responsible for the implementation of at TAP Air Cargo. He was hands-on from day one and fully experienced the spirit and way of working, ultimately influencing his decision to join our team. 

“During the implementation, I got to experience the core values of We were the first airline to introduce APIs, and the team at was great; they had a pioneering spirit; what we were doing was new for everyone but was willing to try, fail, and keep going. We were in partnership with one another, which was important for us then; we needed to work with a provider who could help shape what we needed. They also showed great trust and care.
One thing I’ve always liked about both as a partner and employee, is their consistency in what the company shows, what they are doing, and how people behave. This is important for me”.

Antonia joins us from Lufthansa,’s first partner airline and has experienced at the front line. Which, similar to Bernardo, influenced her decision to join our team.

“Coming from the other side, I know the pain points that can relieve; I really believe that they have a great approach here. I know there's so much potential, and we're starting to tap into it. I think we’re going to get there, it’s just a matter of time, and I'm excited to be part of it”.

Similar to Bernardo and Antonia, Adam has experienced first-hand during his time at Air Menzies. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with over 20 years of industry experience. Adam joined United Airlines the day after he graduated and spent 15 years dedicated to process improvement, which continued at Air Menzies but with a forwarding focus.

“I can see we have a tool that will actually move the industry forwards. I’ve interacted with many tech companies with smart people, but they are not always willing to listen to the industry and its challenges. Here, these guys have built something for the freight forwarder that’s all focused on adoption and solving problems”.

Meet Rick, Bora, Ivan, and Tod

From left to right: Xialong (Rick) Gao, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, China. Bora Iscan, Enterprise Sales Manager, North America. Ivan Bozhko, Partner Enablement Specialist. Tod Willman, Sr. Account Manager.

Xialong Gao, also known as Rick, joins us in the APAC region, where exciting things have taken place recently, with the Japan market launch and the partnerships with Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines.

“ I came across 4 or 5 years ago, and I was telling my colleagues in the office, look at this company, one day it will transform our jobs”.

Bora joins us from Turkish Airlines and Ivan from Antonov Airlines. They both experienced the overwhelm of legacy booking systems and were inspired to join our organization to make a difference. 

“I was ready to be part of something modern, where things moved more efficiently”.
“I come from airline cargo, and at the time, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work. I was always looking for the answer to improve the sales cargo process, which attracted me to third-party vendors. I know all of the big players. But I liked, I believed in how they work, in their product, it was perfection. I could see their potential and wanted to get on that ship and set sail”.

Tod also brings a depth of experience to share. Joining us from TAP Portugal, he is well versed in selling capacity to forwarders and understanding the small details that make all the difference. 

“ is the future - and utilizing the services and products offered by online booking is vital to the growth and prosperity of our long-term key partnerships in the freight forwarding industry.”

Powered by our shared mission 

As a fully remote team, Cargonauts unite via a strong culture and growth mindset, as well as a shared mission of transforming an entire industry together.

“I've always wanted to find a way to make a splash in the industry from a long-term perspective. I’m excited to be here. In all of the interview processes I’ve been through, culture has never really been put at the forefront like when I interviewed with That’s something that impressed me and ultimately led me to come here.” 
“Having worked in all parts of the supply chain,  I’m now here in my passion, which is technology and innovation, and to do new things because I truly believe that the airfreight market needs a shake-up.” 
“I was very much convinced by the ‘leitmotifs’ - the internal culture created here at People are encouraged to speak up, challenge and support one another. You’re empowered straight away, and I like that.”
“They focus on culture, being the right fit, and you feeling like you’re in the right place; that was important for me coming from a very stable, very secure role… Everyone has a place here, everybody can contribute and be heard, and everybody creates their own weight, which I like. Everybody is also very fair, very respectful, everybody has a growth mindset of how can I do better, and that just raises you up.”
“I was surprised by the flexibility permits me to develop my own sales strategy to suit the needs of individual customers”.

Spotlighting the gems 

Coming specifically from airlines and freight forwarders, we wanted to gather our new Cargonauts’ thoughts on the value that can bring to such organizations. Across the board, they were united by how easy the platform is to use, the transparency it brings, and its best-in-class customer support. 

“Our user interface is superior; I mean, you probably don't need any training. You just log in, it's intuitive. and you know what to do”. 
“I think that cargo one has managed to bring people in and create a flow that makes them stand out for customer service, which I think is important for airlines. Our customer service supports theirs”. 
“I’d like the forwarding community to be aware of the diversity and fresh perspectives of the team is bringing into the logistics and supply chain industry.  Cargonauts from different cultures, educational backgrounds, and new industries with new ideas are helping to revitalize a mature industry”.

Looking to the future

“I’ll be interacting with airlines, I want them to grow, I want them to be successful. With they have a great prospect of growth”. 
“This product allows airlines to have an omnichannel sales strategy - more customers, greater outreach.” 
“I’m here to bring on new airlines to the platform, but ultimately I see my mission as a connector—the connector of services, of people of airlines and forwarders. I’ve worked with them on both sides; I know what they are looking for and the challenges they experience.”
“I’m excited to streamline processes, get out there to meet customers and network, and leverage my potential wherever possible. And I’m sure will allow me to do that.”
“Frontline users are aware of us, which is great; I’m ready to take our brand further up the organization so that the execs and leaders can see the value we are bringing to their staff.”  
“You cannot have a more direct channel than this one. “It’s literally streamlining the airfreight process.”I have so much confidence in the product I just know lots of companies will be using it.”
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