Features built with you in mind

We've built some pretty amazing features that will make your job easier, from start to finish of your air cargo booking process. Check them out below!


Quicker and smarter searches

We’ve realized that it’s been a hassle to retype all of your shipment data when redoing a search. Now you can simply access your recent searches and redo one of them in just two clicks!


Even easier sorting, for the best results

All quotes on cargo.one are now automatically sorted for you, so you can easily find the quote that best fits your needs, whether it be based on time or price.


Direct access to flight numbers

Easily identify the flights that are being offered for each quote by hovering over the specific segment.


Bookmark offers that you want to revisit

We’ve added a new item in our navigation, “Saved Quotes”, that will make it a hundred times easier for you to find a quote that you were previously interested in.


Click into a specific quote from the list of quotes


Click “Save Quote” to bookmark it on the booking page for later.


Go to “Saved Quotes” to view all of the quotes you bookmarked.


Track all of your shipments in one central place

Have many shipments to keep track of? Your Tracking Hub allows you to view all of your shipment statuses in one place. The best part? We automatically update all tracking information for you.


Track external shipments in addition to your cargo.one bookings

Your Tracking Hub not only tracks bookings made on cargo.one, but it also lets you add trackings for all of your shipments booked externally with our partner airlines.


Increase the efficiency of your station

We've extended the Tracking Hub to include all bookings made across your station. Now, you can simply toggle between your individual view and your station view to keep track of all bookings.

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