Terms & Conditions

  1. Under the cargo.one Summer Raffle, eligible users (as defined below in paragraph 2) may receive a Flightgift voucher ("Gift Card") with an aggregate value of 1000 (one thousand) EUR. The taxes will be paid by cargo.one.

  2. Only users that have been invited to join this program are eligible to participate in the Program ("Eligible User").

  3. In order to receive a Gift Card:

  4. an Eligible User must perform 50 confirmed bookings on cargo.one by July 31st 2023, 11:59PM UTC

    All the bookings were neither cancelled on cargo.one, nor with the Provider directly and the shipment booked was delivered by the Provider to the destination airport.

    The Gift Card will be issued by cargo.one to the Eligible Winner, randomly picked from all the Eligible Users that met the criteria explained above. We will notify the winner by email.

    cargo.one reserves the right to change or discontinue the Program at any time and without prior notice. Each user agrees and acknowledges that unless otherwise permitted by law, they shall have no cause of action, suit or claim against cargo.one, its employees, officers or personnel in relation to the Program, or in relation to any amendment, change or discontinuance of the Program. All of cargo.one’s rights are expressly reserved.

    By submitting the form on this page, the eligible user expressly confirms that they have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and that they are authorised to be bound according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Effective as of June 21st 2023

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