Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Cancellation fees for late/short time cancellations or “no show” may apply and will be billed as per outlay.

Extra charges for ETD / sniffing or manual search caused by dark alert during X-Ray process will be billed as per outlay.

Additional Exports customs declaration 65,00 EUR (if not provided through shipper) applies.

Thank you for using to book shipments with partner forwarders! These terms and conditions outline the core conditions that will apply for your shipment, irrespective of which partner forwarder you choose to book the shipment with.

Rates offered by partners through

Our rates are subject to space availability and rate validity subject to airline confirmation at the time of booking, loadable dimensions of packages are to be confirmed prior booking, 1 m3 = 167 kg.

Normally airlines confirm flights subject to changes meaning we are unable to confirm any bookings with commitments such as guaranteed flights and space.

In air transport, our liability as forwarder/ cargo broker is limited to 22 SDR / kg per gross kilogram.

Last updated on

December 18, 2023