Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Cancellation fees for late/short time cancellations or “no show” may apply and will be billed as per outlay.

Extra charges for ETD / sniffing or manual search caused by dark alert during X-Ray process will be billed as per outlay.

Additional Exports customs declaration 45,00 EUR (if not provided through shipper) applies.

Rates per KG should be considered over chargeable weight.

Inland rates are valid for 300 x 130 x 200 cm cargo. Over exceeding dimensions the cost of EUR 60,00 will be applied.

The present scenario is valid for the punctual process presented.

The rates do not include any special requirement, such as: DGR goods, batteries, any alive animal, any dead animal, any animal parts, any out of gauge cargo, temperature control, dark alert, not stackable, etc.

All rate scenarios are subject to space availability by the time of the flight - the present offer does not guarantee space.

Last updated on

January 10, 2024