Terms & Conditions

Glovis Europe GmbH

General Terms

1. Our offer is subject to change until loading and assumes, in particular, normal, unchanged transport conditions as well as the continued validity of the previous freight, rates and surcharges.

2. The offer requires freight payment in Germany within 30 days.

3. The prices mentioned do not include any storage fees, demurrage fees, waiting times beyond our control or any other unforeseen cost.

4. The rates and fees offered are valid for harmless, air-freight-packaged goods as well as stackable, resilient goods.

5. We offer costs for goods that are classified DG PAX or DG CAO as per actual IATA DG regulations upon request / if necessary.

6. The above air freight rates are valid for packages with a maximum length of 300 cm and a maximum height of 160 cm. We are happy to offer maindeck and out-sized cargo upon request.

7. All mentioned and non-mentioned surcharges on the freight rates are variable.

8. Foreign currencies are billed at the current daily rate.

9. Weight/volume ratio air freight and delivery = 1:6 (1 cbm = 167 kg)

10. The offer does not include import duties and taxes in the receiving country.

11. In case of dark alert while securitization process for unsecured cargo, additional cost will occur and charged as follow:

  • 40,00 EUR per HAWB + 10,00 EUR per carton / 20,00 EUR per pallet / 40,00 EUR per wooden box

12. Loading takes place with carriers of our choice.

13. Subject to equipment and space availability at time of final booking.

In case of awarding Glovis Europe GmbH for the transport please directly contact our team mailboxes:

  • Air Export: air-export-fra@glovis.eu
  • Air Import: air-import-fra@glovis.eu

In case of Sales of transport, storage and logistics services we work exclusively on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Transportation, Storage and Logistics Services (GTC). The General Terms and Conditions are available at https://www.glovis.eu/business#terms-and-conditions and we will be happy to provide them if required.

Note: Our GTCs deviate from the law in Section 5 Paragraph 2 Letter f and Paragraph 4 with regard to the maximum liability amount for damage to goods in accordance with Section 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), in that liability is set to 2 Special drawing rights per kilogram in principle as well as for multimodal transport including sea transport and if the location of the damage is unknown. Section 15 of the GTCs regulate the applicability of German law and the jurisdiction of the courts.

Last updated on

May 9, 2024