Terms & Conditions

General Terms

The Rotra Air & Ocean B.V. General Conditions are applicable to all our quotations/shipments.

The Netherlands Expedition Conditions written by the Fenex are applicable to all our quotations/shipments.

This quotation is only valid for general and stackable cargo, unless otherwise is mentioned.

This quotation is excluding possible duties, taxes and warehouse rent, unless otherwise mentioned.

Waiting hours pick-up: 15 minutes free per address, thereinafter EUR 21,50 per started 15 minutes.

Non-agent members (different from Rotra) or not protected by are requested to pay before departure.

Additional costs can occur if EDD screening seems not sufficient.

Thank you for using to book shipments with partner forwarders! These terms and conditions outline the core conditions that will apply for your shipment, irrespective of which partner forwarder you choose to book the shipment with.

Rates offered by partners through

Rates are applicable and valid only for general / in-gauge / non-hazardous cargo.

Rates are based on the reported measurements and shipment details provided in the search on the platform. Any change may incur additional charges.

For shipments from North America, rates are valid for known shippers only.

Additional fees

Quotes offered on the platform include airfreight rate and a set local charges as outlined by the servicing forwarder.

Additional fees may be charged as per outlay by the servicing exporting forwarder.

Cancellation fees may apply depending on the chosen airline.

Terms of payment

Payment terms may vary per partner forwarder.

All activity on is subject to the general terms of use.

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May 9, 2023