Launch your digitalization.
Deliver great customer experience. provides airlines access to the digital market through a single point of access connection to forwarders, real-time data services and revenue management tools.

Make the market come to you

Sell your capacity on to be always within sight of buying forwarders. offers access to a rapidly growing number of freight forwarders – digitally and at no fixed cost.

Maximize your revenue

Airlines without fully digital revenue management capabilities can use interfaces to enable dynamic pricing.

Create real-time, adjusted rates based on time to departure, capacity fill rates, customers and OnDs to maximize your revenue and load factors.

Improve your offering based on real-time data

Make your product development, pricing and revenue management decisions based on real-time data. gives you access to aggregated information on the entire market beyond inbound existing customer behavior.

Offer a customer-centric digital channel

Add a digital distribution channel to serve your customers better and more effectively.

The white label platform provides the same experience as the platform but branded with your corporate identity and listing only your offers.

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