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Access the largest selection of airlines in the market and get rates for any shipment, import or export. Quote your existing customers, find new ones and book with full peace of mind. is the only air freight platform you’ll ever need, and love to use.

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Enter your shipment details

Enter only key shipment details
Get rates for General Cargo and Perishables shipments up to 1,000 kg

Compare live rates and capacity

Compare Airfreight, Airfreight Priority, Fresh and Fresh Breathe products, including digital-exclusive rates
Filter and sort to easily find the right option

Book with immediate confirmation

Find delivery and pick-up details and book in just two clicks
Book with your existing AWB stock and settle as usual

Manage your shipment with a couple of clicks

One-stop real-time tracking for all your shipments
Easily cancel or update your booking


Quote your customers within seconds

Forget piecing together airfreight rates and local charges from five different files: with’s smart templates you can send professional PDF quotes to your customers in less than 60 seconds.

Find a partner agent for any shipment, anytime

Gone are the days when getting rates from overseas took dozens of emails and hours of wait time. Get agent rates from over 30 countries for any Incoterm, instantly.

Set up your online Storefront to grow your business

Add your local charges and let your partners get your rates without having to send you an email. Become every agent’s preferred partner, and win new business.

Optimize your sales with real-time data

Know what’s going on with 360-degree visibility. Easily review won and lost quotations, understand where you are winning or losing, and benchmark your air freight rates against the market.

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