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We are building a SaaS-enabled marketplace in the air freight industry. On the supply side we work with different airlines all over the world. Our platform maintains a technical integration with each airline which enables us to access routing information, live rates and live capacities from our partners.

On the demand side we are serving freight forwarders which manage the complete supply chain for their shippers combining road, rail, ocean and air. Our freight forwarder customers can access the SaaS product to compare offers from the different airlines, book them directly through us and track them from the moment the freight is handed over to the airline until it is successfully picked up again at the destination airport.

Our frontend applications are a mix of Python and Javascript. The flask framework serves as a server-side component, managing the session and serving as a proxy between the backend services and the Javascript layer.

On top of this we are running single page applications based on the Vue.js ecosystem and ES6. We are utilizing a number of tools from crossbrowsertesting to Sentry to ensure quality. Fullstory and Google Analytics help us to understand user interactions and drive the experience in the right direction.

We firmly believe in a service-oriented approach when structuring an application. Python is our main language for backend services and Postgres serves as our default choice for data persistence. All services offer synchronous APIs based on the GRPC framework which means that messages are encoded in protocol buffers, transported with HTTP/2.

From an architectural perspective synchronous APIs are awesome because they are easy to reason about. On the other hand they can be limiting and lead to strong coupling and request chains going through the system. We are mitigating this by orchestrating service interactions through Apache Airflow.

The raw computing power of is supplied by the Google Cloud Platform, most of the hardware we utilize runs in their data centers.

Every piece of our software is packaged as a container. The packaging is done on separate build systems with build pipelines based on Gitlab CI. We are strong believers in the Kubernetes ecosystem and use it as the foundation upon which we run our containers. Combined with tools and systems for tasks like centralized logging, monitoring, or credential management designed for a cloud-native environment, our infrastructure allows for fast iteration by not standing in our way.

We move fast.

While it sometimes can make sense to take things slower and get it right on the first try, we generally tend to try things out and throw them away if they don't work rather than doing an elaborate pre-study first.

We are focused.

Adapting to changing circumstances is difficult enough, so we work hard on not losing ourselves in dozens of different topics. If everything is important, nothing is.

We are flexible.

Even though we try to plan ahead and figure out what is going to be relevant in the near future, things can change rather rapidly and we have to adapt to those situations.

We are comfortable with some chaos.

There is no defined and structured process for every task that has to be done. We count on our employees to figure it out.

How we build awesome tech

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The bigger picture

We want you to understand the industry, the product and our customers. We want you to understand why we are doing what we are doing.

While you will spend most of your time with your Scrum team working on the sprint, we want you to keep an eye on the company objectives and what the other departments are doing and contribute your ideas and thoughts to make better decisions.

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