Easy-to-use analytics

Enable your teams from day one with access to key digital sales metrics in real-time with no up-front investment.

Understand your performance
Tune your digital sales processes
Early signals for quick action

Real-time data feeds

Integrate live platform data into your digital infrastructure to connect it with insights across your data pool and workflows.

Feed your business intelligence
Improve revenue management and pricing
Expanded decision-support

Market-leading insights

Unique customer and benchmark data to provide you with transparency and context to improve offer design and conversion.

New digital sales metrics
One-of-a kind benchmarks
Unrivalled customer choice data

BCG report: How digital sales takes air freight revenues to new heights

Digital sales and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. Read BCG's articleon the power of digital sales in air freight, why you should start now, and how our data & analytics can help you optimize revenues.

Read the full report

Read the full report