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Digital transformation that works.

Enterprise forwarders partner with to bring their digital vision to life. Access the largest airline portfolio with the highest data quality in the market. Tailored solutions available via frontend, TMS integration and full-fledged APIs.

Agents from 19 out of the 20 largest freight forwarders choose to book their air cargo

Your hands-on digitalization partners

With you get much more than a platform – we are with you every step of the way.

Your team
Solution design

Our team will work with you to understand your vision and specific use cases, identify the optimal implementation method based on your capabilities, and architect the ideal solution.

Project management

Our Project Managers will guide you through the implementation phase, engaging with your global teams to collect all necessary information for a successful deployment, and helping you finalize your migration quickly and effectively.

Change management

We stay with you after deployment to unlock widespread adoption: tailored user onboarding sessions and regular training in local language, dedicated account management and around-the-clock support, and data-driven engagement initiatives.

Flexible infrastructure to power
your digital transformation

Fully customizable frontend and backend integration solutions to
digitize your operations and unleash data-driven growth.

State-of-the-art rate management and e-booking platform, web-based. Modern architecture and customer-centric design make it the fastest and easiest user experience in the market. No IT investment required.
TMS integration
Fast access to the frontend platform through Single Sign-On (SSO) directly from the Trade Management System, with bi-directional information exchange. Requires little IT investment and works across a wide array of TMS.
End-points for searching, comparing, booking and tracking air cargo. Maximize efficiency and speed with the world's largest single-entry point to live airline content, with the highest data quality.

Cutting-edge API with static and live rate, booking and tracking end-points.

Full-fledged API to empower your team. Broad library of static rates made better with accurate live-rate estimates to price better, faster, and win more shipments. The largest portfolio of airline integrations to book won shipments simply and efficiently.

Real-time data and unique insights to maximize your performance.

Easily review past quotations to improve conversion. Benchmark your procurement performance against the market and identify optimization opportunities. Know what’s going on anywhere, at any time, with user-level search and booking data. All with zero IT investment.

Best-in-class data quality that
your team already trusts

Widespread adoption doesn’t simply follow solution implementation. Your air cargo agents need to trust the system – otherwise they will go back to their old ways. That’s why data quality is the foundation of everything we do, and why we have an entire team dedicated to uphold it.

Of the top-50 largest freight forwarders book air cargo on
+57 NPS
Higher than Apple’s or Amazon’s. Freight forwarders love to use
“Love this. Accurate rates and super easy to book.”
Carrie Lill, Air Export Operations

10x performance every step
of the customer journey

From real-time collaboration across offices to a digital storefront, get what you need
to seize every shipment—without the effort, cost, and risk of building it yourself.

Rate management made better with accurate live estimates.

The speed and flexibility of static rates, combined with the accuracy of live rates. Get a real-time market overview within seconds to quote the right price, lightning fast.

The largest airline portfolio in the market.

Get live rates and capacity from up to 40+ airlines with just one search. Get a quick overview, understand offers at a glance, and sort or filter at will to find the best offer. Easily compare spot, contract, allotment, promo and standard rates.

Send quotes that your customers can book directly.

Get rid of email back and forth. Add your charges to our live rates, and let your customers book directly with instant confirmation. Use templates to save time and share digitally or via PDF.

5,000 quality checks per search to ensure that you can book what you see.

Book with a couple of clicks and receive instant confirmation – if you don’t have an AWB, we give you one. Benefit from the best offer quality and the highest booking acceptance rate in the industry.

Let your partners book your rates anytime, and receive bookings while you sleep.

Build your digital storefront by setting up your quoting profile with your air freight rates, margins and local charges. Help your partners win more business by letting them quote their customers faster. Win new business from hundreds of trusted agents using to get rates every week.

Track and manage all your shipments in one place.

No more navigating through countless tabs to track all your shipments. All your bookings are automatically tracked on, available at one click. Follow your shipments’ progress with Cargo IQ milestones, and be notified in case of a delay.

Let your offices collaborate with each other in real time.

Get a double increase in productivity by digitally connecting your offices and partners around the world. Control pricing and access centrally. Significantly improve time-to-quote by letting your sales teams access rates from other offices immediately. Save your teams hundreds of emails a week.

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