Why comprehensive and high-quality APIs are crucial for freight forwarding success

Digitalization of pricing, inventory and schedule data - by both airfreight and sea carriers - has done much to boost working speeds, increase efficiencies and strengthen competitive ability for forwarders.

At cargo.one, we often talk about ‘digital superpowers’ as we enable every forwarder to quote, win and book shipments globally, at speed around the clock. That superpower is leveraged today by thousands of export and import managers daily using the app.cargo.one platform.

Successful forwarders are increasingly applying API solutions, quotation modules, airline direct connections, and TMS integrations, to achieve central digital automation and optimization projects that enable them to better compete and differentiate themselves. cargo.one’s airfreight APIs strengthen forwarder data strategies and can be leveraged in process automation.

When planning the use of APIs, whether for market rate or for live booking use cases, every forwarder should consider the comprehensiveness of the supply, and completeness of API features.

There are two key dimensions to be considered for calibrating an optimal API set-up:

Comprehensiveness of market coverage and API features

Whether through direct integrations or working fully, or partially with external APIs, forwarders must establish access to a comprehensive set of airline partners together with a comprehensive set of API features (across live search to live booking).

cargo.one for enterprise provides optimized APIs with endpoints designed to power a full range of use cases including:

  • Internal forwarder-specific search and book portals

  • Rate guidance for in-person quotations

  • Automation of quotation processes

  • Automation of internal procurement processes

  • Integration within TMS

cargo.one provides solutions for enterprises to process API data in combination with forwarder pre- and post- carriage and other internal data. Our data solutions are ideal for forwarders seeking to buy rather than build both the sourcing of external data and the related process automation. For guidance tailored to your needs, please request a consultation with our team.

Offer data quality

Since our founding, cargo.one has led the digitalization of air cargo sales – investing more in strengthening offer content than any other marketplace in order to provide freight forwarders the lowest booking rejection and error rates. For cargo.one users, this work results in robust, bookable offers and all live rates honored – giving certainty to their business strategy, competitive ability and their customers’ satisfaction.

Quality data is a critical factor when moving to automated processes, as well as to avoid user churn toward external solutions. cargo.one data solutions receive extremely high user-acceptance, as we work closely with forwarders to actively manage success rates.

“Delivering the best offer quality is at the core of everything cargo.one does - the vital foundation upon which so much forwarding success depends. Our offers are always accurate, which is why we’ve earned agents’ trust, all around the world”,
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Veit Dinges

VP Enterprise, cargo.one

Our close collaborations with airlines and forwarder end users have led cargo.one to develop the best ability in the market to systematically manage an expanding and complex content base. We apply numerous pre- and post- launch capabilities to engineer the unrivaled quality and reliability of our market content.

cargo.one technology and teams are deployed to continuously ensure that every airline offer for each shipment is sound.

Core sources of offer quality

A framework for discovery

While many forwarders share the need for rapid automation and digitalization of their central processes, the ideal data strategy to power that change is often realized with advice from the experts.

It is clear that all successful strategies should conclude in forwarders gaining maximum value from comprehensive data and API features, both with the highest possible quality.

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A full spectrum of enterprise solutions 

cargo.one provides forwarders with enterprise-ready solutions for instant customer quoting, pricing, and sales. Our market data, booking related functionality and custom modules are available via API, web-based applications or back-end modules.

Forwarders in all corners of the world optimize their air freight procurement with cargo.one’s powerful and reliable connections to the global market. For a discovery session tailored to your organizational needs, simply reach out with your details here and a member of our team will be in touch.

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