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Kind Port Logistics improved its sales conversion and doubled business volume with pro

Published November 24, 2023

JCTrans- and WCA-member Kind Port Logistics used to multiply the productivity of their seven-strong team and to fuel their international expansion, by servicing more quotation requests faster, and advertising their services to overseas agents.

“I’m really happy–our business is growing, we are winning significantly more air shipments. is a great tool to win import and cross-trade shipments, and we are a popular supplier from Spain on”

– David Yáñez, Sales Manager at Kind Port Logistics


  • Gather competitive agent rates quickly to respond to quote requests faster.

  • Expand their agent network in Mexico and the US.

A few years since their inception, Kind Port Logistics saw their international expansion ambitions hindered by the time-consuming and manual character of accessing and comparing agent rates from different countries. The endless email exchanges and long waiting times due to timezone differences made servicing each and every import shipment a challenge, and limited their win rate.

“Before, we couldn’t always respond to our clients with the speed and accuracy we liked. The traditional manual way of working with agents was time-consuming, sometimes taking anything from a few hours to a whole day, with the added risk of losing the shipment due to delays. But now, with, we can provide fast and accurate quotes.”

As an exporter, Kind Port Logistics faced similar difficulties in efficiently advertising their rates and services globally to foreign agents. Consequently, they could not progress as quickly as they would have liked in their plans to increase their business with Mexico and the US, two countries they have established as strategic priorities.

Envisaging the logistics world as one seamless journey, David Yáñez, Sales Manager at Kind Port Logistics, saw an easy win in’s digital platform. Six months into the partnership, David is delighted with the results–they have doubled the number of quotes they send per month; are now able to find and book rates with agents in countries where they previously held no relationships; and have managed to increase their presence in strategic markets.

Quick and competitive agent rates

According to David, is a “powerful tool for export, import and cross-shipping operations”. What used to be a time-consuming process, stretching over hours or even days now unfolds in mere seconds.

“It’s a relief to be able to quote in two or three minutes. Being faster, we have more chances of winning a shipment, and I can say we have won more shipments as a result of our quick replies.”

Compared to the traditional way of getting agent rates, delivers a vastly simpler and faster process for agents:

“Before, every single cross-shipment was time-consuming, now we can see and compare agents, schedules, and space that other platforms cannot provide us. We are more accurate, faster, and everybody is happier.”

David also praises's competitive rates and assured accuracy, making it a trustworthy tool: " pro is helping our team find really good prices for air shipments. It's reliable and safe to work with, and you can trust the rates. It's better, faster, and more reliable when compared to other options."

Increasing sales conversion while doubling quote volume’s speed and efficiency have become the Kind Port’s allies: the streamlined booking process frees time and greatly benefits the business.

“I can say that I can spend more time servicing customers. In fact, we’ve doubled the number of quotations served and we have seen around a 20% increase in sales conversion.”

The ability to compare agents and rates 24/7 from across the globe is a much-loved aspect of, broadening the company's network and ability to service its valued customers around the clock.

“One of the best things about is its ability to provide easy access to accurate quotations from anywhere in the world, even if your working hours differ from the country where you're looking for support. I can now find rates and all local charges from China at 7 p.m. in Spain and book a reservation straightaway.”

Finding new partners to unlock international growth

Through the integration of into its operations, Kind Port has been able to grow not only their import business, but also their export. Thanks to’s Storefront, which allows freight forwarders to automatically quote in real time to hundreds of agents trusting to get rates and find partners, Kind Port has been able to generate more demand for their services, and achieved the significant milestone of expanding its business in Mexico and the United States.

“Before we wanted to work more with Mexico and the United States. We can say that most of our bookings via now come from the United States. This is good news as it was a market we wanted to focus on and grow within our business.”

Kind Port Logistics has seen a lot of benefits in the initial six months of its partnership with They have experienced efficiency, speed, accuracy and trust, which has laid the foundation for growth and expansion. David plans to expand the team and dedicate specific individuals to manage and build relationships with new agents using This step will further elevate the company's profile among agents worldwide and lead to a deeper integration with the network.

"Since we started using, we have received more inquiries about our services. Our goal now is to expand this digital aspect of our business. In the past month, we have connected with different agents across the globe, working in various time zones. We plan to use to be a valuable tool for them. We want to promote our profile to agents in different countries through the platform and continue growing. We are looking to hire specific people to handle new agents through"

With as its digital booking partner, Kind Port Logistics is well-positioned to scale their business.

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