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Kind Port Logistics improved its sales conversion and doubled business volume with cargo.one


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Improvement in sales conversion
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“cargo.one is treating me the same as I treat my customers. Always trying to make everything possible so the customer doesn’t need to worry about anything.”
Hauke Langert
CEO Air Freight
“cargo.one pro allows us to grow our business globally with reliable partners.”
Mike Mierwinski
Chief Information Officer
“With cargo.one pro, our customers do the quotations themselves. They go online, check the rates and directly book; it's so easy for us.”
Michael Garaets
Founder and CEO
Member of EAN
An extensive airline portfolio and faster time-to-quote lead PJN Logistics to select cargo.one as their only digital platform


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Improvement in
time to quote
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“Being able to get rates online, instantly is incredible”
Mathias Lindgreen
Forwarding Agent
Member of WCA, EAN and AEO
“It's just really, really easy and that is perfect for us and the customer.”
Sarah Gerken
Head of Airfreight
“The insights feature is my favourite. It's helped us understand what agents are looking for, the rates, the places, and lets us see how the market is going.”
Jonathan Stocco
Outbound Operator
Member of WIN

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